The Mind Is Not Inside The Head

from Lambada For Zombies by The Oddvisers



This song refers to the fact that some humans have a mind while others have cabbage instead, and the difficulty of discerning which is which due to their fisical similarity.
The given oddvice is for transmuting one (cabbage) into the other (mind) through alchemical and psychological means.


There's a place to fix your mind
In this city.
The repairing is not hard,
Just some twitching.
Don't be afraid
Give it a try
After a while
You'll be alright

Down the road there is a man
With some tweezers
He will take hair from your nose
You will feel it
And he will see that
There's nothing inside your head
Maybe you didn't know
We're not talking about your brains
The mind is not inside the head

Now the mind is in your nose
You can smell it.
Travelling faster than light,
Please don't loose it
Or else you won't see.

There is nothing inside...

You can put it wherever you like
Even in another mind
Guys out there know well what they can do
With your time...

There's a way to freeze your mind
With this music
Concentrating on the beat
Without thinking

Try to hold on
Don't give it up
You won't regret
After a while
Everything stops
Only one way
To go along

For you to see that

Without nothing inside your head
You just got in a trance
Make good use of this altered state
Dancing is not enough
There's a reason for everything
Take advantage of it
We're just talking about your chains
The mind is not

Inside the head!


from Lambada For Zombies, released March 3, 2011
El Pricto: Voice, synths and alto saxophone
Jaggles: Synths and backing vocals
Director Wilkins: Electric bass and oracle keeper
Vasco Thriller: Drums and assorted filth
Sub-Marine: Visuals, gadgets, sensors, and S&M vocals

All songs composed and arranged by El Pricto.

Recorded at The Hodge-Podge in Barcelona, Spain.

Mixed by Jim Colominas and El Pricto.

Mastered By Udi Koomran

Produced by El Pricto and Jaggles for Discordian Records.




Discordian Records Barcelona, Spain

Discordian Records is a label that promotes Barcelona's underground experimental and improvised music scene, as well as other national and international acts related to it.
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