Slack #7

from Live In Krakow by Pseudo-Devival I



Paulina Owczarek: Alto and Baritone Saxophone
El Pricto: Alto Saxophone and Conduction
Wiktor Krzak: Bassoon
Michal Dymny: Electric Guitar
Vasco Trilla: Drums and Percussion
Tomek Choloniewski: Drums and Percussion

All music was improvised

Recorded live at Bezdroza Festival in Alchemia, Krakow on August 20 of 2012

Mixed and mastered by Ralph Lopinski

Cover art and design by Wancalo

Produced by El Pricto

Devival is a term used by both the Church of the SubGenius and later Discordianism for a gathering or festival of followers. The name is a pun on Christian revivals.

The central belief in the church of the SubGenius is the pursuit of Slack, which generally stands for the sense of freedom, independence, and original thinking that comes when you stop worrying about personal goals. In essence, Slack is about finding satisfaction with what you have and who you are, as opposed for searching for satisfaction in accomplishment.

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from Live In Krakow, released September 10, 2012




Discordian Records Barcelona, Spain

Discordian Records is a label that promotes Barcelona's underground experimental and improvised music scene, as well as other national and international acts related to it.
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