from 1st Mission by S.N.A.F.U. PROJECT



L-Pricto: Alto sax and spasmodic hand signals
Héctor Floría: Alto Sax
Luiz Espiga: Clarinet
Roberto Asensio: Electric Guitar (L)
Martial Mehat: Electric Guitar (R)
Director Wilkins: Electric Bass and mammoth rumble
Joni Garlic: Drums

All music was improvised


from 1st Mission, released March 21, 2011
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jim Colominas




Discordian Records Barcelona, Spain

Discordian Records is a label that promotes Barcelona's underground experimental and improvised music scene, as well as other national and international acts related to it.
For more information go to www.discordianrecords.es
For more of this music go to our more politically incorrect self-piracy bandcamp site: discordianbootlegs.bandcamp.com
You'll love it!
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